Video of paving their own hands: step by step instructions

Modern interior courtyards and landscaping plots unthinkable without the use of pavers. The industry produces several types of it with lots of colors and forms. The cost of this material depends on many factors and varies widely. Even today, there are many special forms for the independent production of pavers. And recorded videos of paving their own hands: step by step instructions and even more. After all, who learned how to do it yourself, often willing to help others with your skills.

Paving tiles can have various colors and shades

The contents

  • 1 Types of paving slabs with their pros and cons
    • 1.1 the Production of tiles by vibropressing method
    • 1.2 Forms for garden paths with his hands (video)
    • 1.3 Extruded tiles
    • 1.4 How to make a garden path with his hands (video)
    • 1.5 Polymer-sand tile
  • 2 Videos of paving their own hands: step by step instructions
    • 2.1 Garden path with his hands (video)

The types of paving slabs with their pros and cons

Today no one should be surprised beautiful design of driveway or garden using paving slabs of the most unbelievable shapes and colors. But few know that behind this diversity hides a few basic types of paving blocks that is classified according to the method of its production:

  • Vibrocasting.
  • Vibro.
  • Hyperresonance.
  • Polymer.

The most economical option is tiles manufactured by vibratory casting method

All types have their advantages and disadvantages, different costs, as well as technology styling. Their hands paving tiles of any kind can be put in detail to understand its specific features.

Tile manufacturer by vibropressing method

This is the easiest and cheapest way. It is based on the ability of the concrete to be compacted by the vibration process. The finished solution is filled in plastic moulds and are mounted on a special table that produces a vibrating motion. Then, the blank is placed in a heat chamber for drying. Some time later, the tile is ready for use. The whole process takes very little time and resources.

Paths and courtyard paving slabs are an ornament to any yard

To create different colors of dyes, which are added to the solution. Is not very difficult even to open your mini-factory in the garage for the production of this type of paving. Video of laying their hands and the production of this material will help to realize this project.

Dignity fibrolite tiles are:

  • the presence of the glossy surface;
  • susceptibility to a variety of dyes;
  • the low cost of production.

A path of paving slabs surrounded by garden flowers

However, it is not without significant drawbacks:

  • weak strength;
  • bad frost;
  • a short period of operation.

In addition, it is impossible to automate the production of this material. Based on the characteristics, vibrocasting tiles can only be used for the device of garden paths and, preferably, in the southern regions of the country, as significant changes in temperature destroy it very quickly.

Form for garden paths with his hands (video)

Fast and convenient, you can arrange the track using the form for paving.

A useful tip! Quality tile when hitting each other produces a characteristic ringing sound.

Extruded tiles

Technology of production of vibrocompressed tiles is markedly different from the previous one. Forms filled with grout and connected to a piston which performs a vibrating motion, creating a variable pressure in the working chamber. Due to this, there is a strong compaction of the mixture. Heat treatment is not required. This tile is much stronger.

Hyperpressing completely eliminates vibration of the pistons. This creates more pressure, which compacted concrete. If you use this method, production can be fully automated.

Track of pressed tiles on the dacha

Advantages of extruded types of pavers:

  • low sensitivity to mechanical impact;
  • a large degree of automation of production;
  • long-term operation;
  • weak sensitivity to low temperatures and their extremes.

Their disadvantages:

  • a small number of colors;
  • the paucity in variety of forms.

Common sizes and shades of paving slabs

A useful tip! Too saturated colors of the tiles can talk about adding some cheap bright dyes that are easily washed away by rain.

Owing to a high strength and wear resistance, extruded paving tiles can even be applied to the device of entrances to homes, as they are able to withstand heavy circulation of cars, if maintained styling. With your hands, the paving of this type is able to put each in the presence of basic skills and tools.

How to make a garden path with his hands (video)

Polymer-sand tile

This particular innovative type of pavements. It is not only the manufacturing method but also the composition of the main components. Composed completely missing the cement. But the basis is ordinary sand. As binders are polymers and plasticizers. In addition, to give different colours use dyes.

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The sand is sieved, calcined and mixed with polyethylene. Then heated to 250 degrees and add the remaining components. The resulting mass is poured into molds and pressed. Obtained in this method tiles, it does not allow in moisture, which eliminates the possibility of it cracking under the influence of freezing water.

The broad garden path, lined with paving tiles

This kind of tiles has many advantages:

  • Wear resistance and strength higher than those of other types.
  • Not abraded with time.
  • The moisture resistance.
  • Not afraid of cold.
  • Not chemically active.
  • Simple installation.
  • Small weight of the product.
  • Great colours and a variety of forms.
  • Long service life.

Thus, the lack only one – expansion in hot weather. In this regard, the technology of laying their hands paving of this type involves leaving a 3 mm gap.

Tiling circles with an original combination of colors

A useful tip! On the back of the tile should not be yellow spots. Their presence testifies to violation of technology, in particular, the use of clay sand.

Video of paving their own hands: step by step instructions

If the decision about the laying of paving slabs with their hands, step by step instructions for the implementation of this process would be quite superfluous. If we talk about ways of laying tile, there are many of them. It all depends on the imagination of the owner of the site. The pattern may be in the form of Christmas trees in a checkerboard pattern, a weave or circles. Looks nice and simple chaotic pattern. Technology of installation does not depend on fancy happens:

  • on a substrate of moist sand;
  • using sand-cement mixture;
  • laying the liquid mixture of cement and sand.

Laying paving slabs with their hands

The first method assumes that the sand cushion. In the second embodiment is added to the sand cement and a little watered. When using the third method of preparing mortar in the proportion of 1 part cement to 5 parts sand.

A useful tip! When counting the number of tiles necessary to add 5 to 7% of their planned number, as in the case of shortage, you can not find the exact same shade.

Paving tile has a wide range of sizes, textures and colors

To determine the pattern and technology, you can start laying the paving slabs with his hands. Step by step instructions includes the following steps:

  • The top layer of soil is removed to 15 cm.
  • Formed gradients, both along and across the track for drainage.
  • The layout of the plot on which the work will be done with pegs and twine.
  • Device curbs if necessary.
  • The formation of the selected type cushion thickness 7 cm.
  • Leveling the surface level.
  • Paving and compaction.
  • Finish the grout joints.

The scheme of laying paving on sand-cement mixture

If the track is with the curbs, they must be firmly installed on a concrete solution before the coating device. Tile is laid first, near the curb. Then, you should move to the middle. In order not to rumple the already prepared surface movement should be from yourself. The tamper is made with a rubber or wooden mallet.

If a tile falls unevenly, the sand can be put or Vice versa to remove, subsequently producing an additional tamper. The width of the track it is desirable to choose so that it included an integer number of tiles. If this cannot be done, then along one of the borders of the tiles can be cut with an angle grinder with a special attachment on the stone.

An example of paving using geotextile

The last step will be the grouting. It is produced sand-cement mixture. The seams and spreading it to the required level.

A useful tip! You always need to leave a few spare tiles for possible future repair of the track.

Created with his own hands the track is paved will long to please its owner impeccable service in any weather with proper selection of the type of tile and strict observance of technology of installation.

Garden path with his hands (video)


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