Visual illusions in the premises

A visual illusion of space is created by maintaining or adjusting the colors and texture of the interior elements, the arrangement of the lamps and direct the flow of light. Optical illusion is a visual perception of changes in the parameters space, which appear due to the impact phenomena of a psychological nature, visual memory, full of contrasts. That is, the space is visually to expand and contract, rise and fall.

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to know a few rules. The expansion and reduction of space is made in the case of using horizontal stripes, and, conversely, the narrowing of the and increase give vertical stripes.

Increase the visual space can be achieved with little ornament, and large ornament works on reducing.

To achieve the effect of reducing the height in several ways, for example, painting the ceiling a dark color and articulation surface in the lower area.

The change of space possible to implement the division of one of the planes – the room will appear larger or smaller, longer or shorter.

If all the methods that affect visual perception and give the same effect to group, then it is possible to allocate the following recommendations:

The impression of greater height creates the illumination of the lower zone of the room, staining the floor in rich colors, contrast and a major figure on the walls.

The visual sense of height is achieved by some ways of decorating the ceiling and the placement of the recessed luminaires, suspended ceiling, use a mirror or shiny surface, increase the brightness of the ceiling by placing a backlight in the upper area of the room.

To expand the space by juxtaposition of contrasting textures, and contrasting colors in horizontal and vertical planes enclosing.

A significant effect of the application of visual illusions to visual adjustment of the interior space utilization of the lighting system, aimed at the object or group of objects (different brightness of individual sections of the enclosing surfaces, the use of directional light output).

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