Wall-mounted curtain rods. Photo of interesting ideas

Choosing the textile for the Windows in the apartment can not do without such interior elements as wall curtain rods. Photo available varieties demonstrate the originality of the submission window opening in the interior. The many variants of curtain rods allow you to pick a unique and quite functional option that will not only please the eye but also serve a pretty long time.

Rod of the cornice is covered with imitation snakeskin and complemented by chrome elements

The contents

1 Wall-mounted curtain rods. Photos and types
  1.1 Wooden cornices
  1.2 Metal curtain poles
  1.3 Plastic rods
2 Types of performance rods
3 Features selection of fasteners
4 Some rules of installation of cornices
5 Wall-mounted curtain rod (video)
  5.1 Installation of eaves for curtains (video)

Wall-mounted curtain rods. Photos and types

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of wall cornices. Such suspension system can withstand the complex composition, consisting of a large number of layers. For rich and heavy fabrics with lambrequins comfortable fit three-piece cornices, allowing to secure more and tulle. Quite functional and easy flexible systems for attaching curtains. They are commonly used in rooms with a Bay layout, where the walls have many bends.

Flexible cornice is framed by a rounded wall in the bedroom

It should be noted that the rods are made of different materials. On the court of current customers includes the following types of products:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • metal.

Cornice for curtains and play element in the children’s room


Wooden cornices

Such fastening systems for curtains I received quite widespread as it is considered environmentally friendly. For their production using known tree species. It can be cherry, oak, walnut, or other, depending on the possible preference of the buyer.

Wooden wall cornice with the original clips for curtains

The wood used for the production of mouldings, usually has longitudinal fibers. They are very distinguished, creating original drawings. Manufacturers offer systems that can withstand one to three layers of fabric. This is made possible through the dedication of the rods with plastic clips for more rows.

For interior design living room and dining room are chosen contrasting dark eaves of the wood


Metal curtain poles

Also original look metal wall-mounted curtain rods. A photo of the unique design including the decoration of this element of the interior, surprised by its uniqueness. The design of similar products is quite diverse. They are nearly all metallic shades. Rich gold, simply brass – any options are interior decoration. Just look magical rods with elements of forging. Unique, almost real flowers or bunches of grapes will be a real decoration of classic curtains.

Metal curtain rod is perfect for modern interiors

Nice to cope with their problems and aluminum systems. Their weight is relatively small, however the price is quite affordable, unlike the cost of brass or steel rods. Because of its lightness and high strength, aluminum taking root on the market of such goods.

For the decoration of the room used metal curtain poles with beautiful wrought iron elements


Plastic rods

Another inexpensive option considered plastic wall curtain rods. Photos of such simple systems demonstrate the possibility of installation even in complicated architecture and layout of the premises. Flexible design can also be used for window openings of unusual shape. The only drawback of such products can be considered low strength. They are prone to change shape under the weight of heavy curtains, therefore, require periodic replacement.

Plastic wall ledge for placement of two rows of curtains — curtains and tulle

A useful tip! When buying rods, you should check how to freely move elements of fastening of curtains. If they get stuck or cling among themselves, should consider another model.

A plastic curtain is suitable to support light curtains from chiffon or organza


The types of performance rods

There are several fundamentally different types of wall moldings. Often can be found round design consisting of a hollow tube. Usually they are designed for heavy curtains. Such systems can withstand multi-layered Drapes with valances and other decorative elements.

Not less common are the profile system. These designs have special tires, which are attached to elements that can move fabric. They are often made of plastic and aluminum, have low weight and good at keeping any curtains.

As a side stubs of the cornice used a transparent “crystal” balls

Framing the eaves, their design is reminiscent of the profile system. They have a relatively good flexibility. They can be used in rooms with lots of corners or, on the contrary, in the rounded rooms. Decorative plate is the main difference between such wall-mounted curtain rods. Photos of various embodiments of such suspension systems will really help to choose a beautiful and unusual roof which will be a memorable part of the decor of any room.

Do not have to choose individual items for each window, you can use either the total length of the cornice

Cornice-string is one of the long-used varieties of wall cornice for curtains. Photo of such systems, as well as instructions for their installation demonstrate the simplicity of operation of the string of rods. You can arrange for swimming pools from one to three rails. The only negative, under the heavy fabric to string bend and can not withstand.

A useful tip! For very heavy and large in size of curtains, you can also use electric tracks.

String cornice to hide the neat lining of wood or other material


Features choice of fasteners

Before the installation of wall-mounted ledge you need to decide on fasteners. Depending on the material of the cornice, these details can make a huge difference. Also a choice of fasteners affects the weight of future curtains and walls in the room.

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For wall panels of brick is most often used cork plugs. They cut wood on their own. It is advisable to opt for resinous species, then the rods will last much longer. Such a cap score in the pre-drilled hole in the wall, and then attach it to the cornice by means of conventional screws.

Pattern sizing for the selection of cornice and curtains: 1 — the distance from the left corner to window 2 is the window width, 3 — the distance from the window to the right angle, 4 — height of the sill, 5 — height, 6 — distance from ceiling-high Windows, 7 — distance from wall to edge of sill and 8 distance from window to the heating pipes, the 9 — width balcony doors

If the walls are old and made of concrete, which eventually begins to paint, it is better to buy plastic dowel, called a butterfly. Wall parts of the installation are four sides and does not allow the mount to fall out.

Additional fastening in the center of the cornice not only enhances its durability but also serves as a stop when closing the curtains

A useful tip! The walls are made of drywall sheets, not intended for mounting of the eaves. Plaster could not withstand the weight of the structure.


Some rules of installation of cornices

By following some simple rules and some tips for installing curtain rods, you can quickly fix a design without invoking the wizard. Here are some tips on installation:

  • the length of the eaves must be more than window width of 30-50 cm;

Hanging curtains on curtain holders with metal hook

  • if suspension system is attached directly above the window, then you need to leave about 5 cm to the top of the window, the curtains did not bothered to open it;
  • between the curtains and the wall should leave a distance of about 10 cm Is necessary for free movement of air from the radiators into the room.

Wall rods for curtains (video)


Installation of eaves for curtains (video)


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