Time has passed, the same factory Wallpaper, all of the same apartments in houses built on standard projects. Now the apartment you can make such as you want. And Wallpaper now can be real works of art.

Wallpaper – rolled material, which cover the interior walls and ceilings. They are attached to the adhesive surface. Given base (paper or fleece), as well as depending on the external decorative coating, Wallpaper on walls can be divided into several groups :

• Vinyl Wallpaper

• Made of paper

• Textile Wallpaper

• Non-woven Wallpaper

• Paintable Wallpaper

• Mats Wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpaper. The basis of vinyl Wallpaper is paper with a vinyl coating of different densities, so the Wallpaper is more durable . Due to its density and elasticity, they are well washed and cleaned. This Wallpaper does not fade in the sun and retain their original appearance for a long time.

Paper wall. It’s the cheapest Wallpaper. Paper Wallpaper used in areas where dirt and humidity are minimal: bedrooms, living rooms. They are not recommended to glue in the corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, children’s as they are not washable and resistant to mechanical damage. Paper backgrounds come in two types: simplex (one layer of paper) and duplex (consisting of two separate layers of paper).

Textile Wallpaper. The front surface in the Wallpaper is fabric that is applied to paper or non-woven backing. Depending on the material used for the upper textile layer of Wallpaper, such as viscose, linen, silk, natural or artificial fibers, the final cost of textile wall coverings can vary significantly.

Non-woven Wallpaper are of two types: nonwoven Wallpaper from pure (no additives) and non-woven Wallpapers basis, topped with a layer of vinyl. Wallpaper reinforced with interlining do not change their dimensions when saturated with glue and not shrink after drying. They characteristic the ease and speed of gluing. Glue smeared wall, not the Wallpaper. A more durable structure allows you to repaint this Wallpaper in different colors 5 – 10 times. They keep the old look and do not rush.

Wallpaper under painting. This is the kind of Wallpaper that you need to paint after gluing. They are produced on a different basis with the addition of such materials as paper, non-woven, glass or synthetics. The most popular among them – on non-woven basis. Paintable Wallpaper generally large size of the roll – 1 m to 25 m and can be repainted in different colors from 5 to 10 times. First these Wallpapers are white, so many buyers think they can do it and leave like that. But these Wallpapers are durable and stable only after staining.

Velour Wallpaper. This is a paper or non-woven Wallpaper, whose pattern is created by using a spraying velour cover. The pattern is glued on the base and covered with a very short natural or artificial textile threads. Fiber stick only to those patterns, which were attended by the paste, the rest is eliminated.

Modern designer Wallpaper:

1. TIC-TAC-toe Who said that the Wallpaper can not draw? In fact, they are not only possible but even necessary to draw! Otherwise why they made a huge amount of the field for the game TIC-TAC-toe? Quickly took pen or pencil in hand, and play with family or guests! And when the place the Wallpaper ends, they just time will change.

2. Stickers Need something to write and Notepad as evil, no? Use the Wallpaper! It’s a huge number of stickers that can be used for other purposes when it is necessary. For that they exist! Great for offices!

3. Surreal Wallpaper These Wallpapers are made so that they saw people questioned his sanity. After all, straight lines are starting to bend sharply, and the figures flattened. The man from feeling like she is under mind-expanding drug. But, in fact, under the influence of drugs, apparently, was the author of these surrealistic Wallpaper.

4. Lawn Wallpaper for those who even want to be at home in nature. They are covered with a special fleecy material green. So they look like this is not Wallpaper, and turf.

5. Notes Used to write notes to relatives and stick them on the fridge? Forget about this outdated technology! Now you can write notes directly on the Wallpaper in the appropriate window for them. That’s just the recipient of these notes will probably be difficult to understand all of them.

6. Safari For those who wanted to go on a Safari, but never had enough money or desire to fulfill this dream. Now giraffes and elephants, lions and crocodiles will live not in Africa, and on your walls.

7. Coloring By analogy with books-coloring books, there are Wallpaper-coloring. You are free to choose colors that will be painted all sorts of graphic elements of the Wallpaper. The main thing with this choice is to remember that you have to live in this room. However, if this room is not yours, and you are only invited to participate in the coloring Wallpapers, feel free to experiment, without thinking about the consequences of your creativity.

8. If the walls see the hand, don’t be alarmed – it’s … creative decoration for walls, ceiling, furniture and everything that makes your home interior. Although not necessarily the hands. It could be flowers, and elements of the urban landscape, and something crazy, abstract, Gothic, and even funny, and touching children. Usually, people tend to dilute gray days and routine cases unusual. And familiar desktop with cats and dogs on the background of baskets, forest landscapes, flowers and fruits have long been forgotten and neglected.

Outside the XXI century, is the way creative ideas, imagination and bold ideas! And such ideas is full of designers and other creative workers, who invent and produce different jewelry such a plan. My home is my castle, and to withstand the impact and to repel the attack, the most powerful fortress wall. And I think it’s time to decorate them …


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