Warm floor under the linoleum on wooden floor

In order to have warm floors under linoleum, wooden floors carry out installation of special heating elements. The most appropriate is the infrared floor under linoleum. If you plan to host in the apartment or private house, under floor heating, but do not wish to clean hardwood floor boards, you need to get acquainted with some features of its installation.

The installation of infrared film warm floor

The contents

1 How to make a warm floor under the linoleum on wooden floor
2 Film infrared floor under linoleum: features and benefits
3 How to lay linoleum on wood floors using infrared elements
3.1 Installation of the thermostat for infrared floor
3.2 Laying of linoleum
4 Infrared film warm floor assembling under the linoleum (video)

How to make a warm floor under the linoleum on wooden floor

For installing electric warm floor under the linoleum must be taken seriously. The fact that this flooring has a low conductivity that greatly reduces heating effect. For this reason, you should choose the types of linoleum with a thickness that provides sufficient capacity for thermal radiation. It should be understood that too thin a coating will not hide all the irregularities of relief of the subfloor. Especially if you put a warm floor under the linoleum on the wooden floor.

Scheme of arrangement of floor heating using heating cable

In addition, any linoleum with strong heating may produce harmful volatile substances that does not use the heating elements of special cables. Temperature, which influences the device on the surface of the linoleum should not exceed 30 degrees. In this regard, for the installation of heated floors on which you plan to lay linoleum, it is best to use a heating film with infrared elements. It is not heated to high temperatures, but at the same time gives enough heat to create the effect of a warm floor under linoleum. Reviews about it to prevail. In addition, such a device consumes much less power.

Electric infrared warm floor in the living room

Linoleum is a very elastic material. This makes the approach to the selection of the underlying sub-floor very carefully. Best base under the linoleum is concrete screed, as it is possible to align almost perfectly. These same qualities have self-leveling floors. But what do you do if the floor is wood? If in a city apartment it can be disassembled and pour concrete, then in a country house to make it not so simple. Sometimes you have to put the flooring directly on the wooden floor. Warm floor under the linoleum in this case, lay more complicated.

Equipping a warm floor, you should choose linoleum medium or small thickness

Film infrared floor under linoleum: features and benefits

Infrared floor under linoleum is a film which is wound in coils. Inside film mounted infrared elements that when application of an electric current to radiate infrared rays. They are not visible to the human eye, but felt by the skin as heat. However, the strong heating occurs. Infrared rays can heat the surrounding objects, including linoleum, which itself will give off heat to the environment, filling them room.

The working principle of infrared floor heating

This type of floor heating offers significant advantages to select it for installation on wooden floors:

  • it is very simple and easy to install;
  • due to the lack of strong heating has a high level of fire safety;
  • suitable for installation under any type of linoleum;
  • has a small thickness (3 mm substrate + 0.4 mm film coating);
  • the coating film is very durable with copper electrodes and carbon emitters disposed perpendicularly to each other. The whole structure is laminated a film of a polymeric material. When mounting to damage the elements is impossible.

Roll, the heating foils in the room

A useful tip! Infrared floors have a maximum capacity of 220 W/m2, which is too much for linoleum. So you need to buy the ones that give no more than 150 W/m2. If you have purchased a more powerful electric warm floor under the linoleum, the floor may become hot. To limit the power need to install the thermostat for heating not higher than 30 ° C.

Scheme of arrangement of floor heating

How to lay linoleum on wood floors using infrared elements

Let us consider in detail how to lay linoleum on wood floors, which we would like to arrange heating. For this to work we need:

  • infrared floor roll in the amount needed to cover the area that we want to insulate;
  • for each strip of film should prepare two clips is the clips that attach the contacts;
  • in every room, one thermostat;
  • material with a large coefficient of heat reflection. Suitable izolon covered with a dielectric film;
  • plastic film;
  • electric cable copper;
  • Scotch double-sided.

Film warm floor is sold in rolls

In addition, useful knife, furniture stapler, adhesive and insulating mastic. To put a warm floor under the linoleum on wooden floor put izolon, reflective surface up. It is spread over the entire area of the room and attached with a stapler for furniture. The joints between sheets sealed with duct tape. Infrared film unwinds on the surface of the izolon so that the copper strip was at the bottom. If you want the tape cut, this is done between the sections, so as not to damage the graphite strip.

Install the thermostat floor heating

A useful tip! Do not put shrink wrap at the places where there will be heavy furniture. At a distance of 50 cm from the walls, it is also not necessary. This measure will significantly save on material.

If in the course of work accidentally damaged insulating film, the mastic glue. Then on one side of each film strip of the bitumen mastic produce coatings on copper electrodes. The other sides of the strips are connected in parallel with the clamps. The first contact of each clip is placed inside the film on the electrode surface, and the second on top of it. Squeeze the clamp with the electrode using pliers, ensuring the reliability and durability of the contact.

Mounting infrared warm floor

Then all strips of the warm electric floor under linoleum fasten with tape to each other. Bared of insulation from the ends of electric wires inserted into the clamps. Squeeze them with a pair of pliers, and then isolate the contact clip and the fuser along with the stripped part of the wire. Contacts made of silver runs along the edge of the strip is completely isolated.

The structure of heating film


Installation of the thermostat for infrared floor

To any of the strip with the mastic glue a temperature sensor. It is attached to the carbon heating element. The output wire from it to the nearest wall. In the place where the sensor is attached, and also where are the wires, cut grooves and recesses in izolon. This is necessary in order to linoleum then there was flat that it was missing the bumps. The thermostat is attached to the wall according to the instructions and connect the electric wires.

Various sizes of rolls of infrared film

To elektrozaschita was effective for a system with a power above 2 KW is used a separate machine. The value of the thermostat is exposed to 30ºS. Turning the system to the network, check the touch performance of each band. Then diagonally glued Scotch tape, having a coating of foil and attach one end to the ground wire.

To securely arrange a warm floor under the linoleum on the wooden floor on top of the fuser is placed a polyethylene, which screws attach the plywood or OSB sheets. This should be done very carefully, as there is a possibility of damage to the electrodes.

Laying heating film for wooden floors


Laying linoleum

When the operation of floor heating fully checked and all layers are aligned, you can proceed to the floor covering installation. How to lay linoleum on wood floors – everyone knows, but it should be borne in mind that before laying it should be spread around the room and include a floor heating system. This will allow the heated material, which is free will be straightened and aligned.

Connect Underfloor heating film

A useful tip! Before final fastening of the linoleum on the floor should be left for one day in unwound form. This will allow him to ulitsa and lining.

When everything is ready, linoleum should be cut into strips of the necessary length and lay on the floor across the room. The edges of linoleum mounted on plinths. In places where the electrical wires in the baseboard, cut a small hole. Some types of material require stickers. As an adhesive use a special paste. She put on a thin layer of plywood, then linoleum paste, rolling on a smooth and adhesive surface.

Laying of linoleum on top of the heating film

Warm floors under linoleum, which are the most common positive self-lay is not difficult. It is only necessary to follow the recommendations and do everything neatly and efficiently.

Infrared film warm floor assembling under the linoleum (video)


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