Water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat: advantages and working principle

Storage water heaters (or boilers) are very popular in apartments and private homes. Their purpose is to quick heating of the cold water, so the boiler makes sense in cases when the house is often not hot water. Also any water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat or another boiler can be connected to the heating, warm floor, and other such systems.

Water heater — the main element of the system of hot water supply

The contents

  • 1 Basic types of water heaters
  • 2 water storage Heater 80 liters vertical flat structure
  • 3 the Principle of operation of the heater
  • 4 Advantages and disadvantages of water heaters
  • 5 what to look for when choosing a boiler
  • 6 Popular models and their features
  • 7 Caring for boiler

The main types of water heaters

All boilers there are three main types:

  • Flow – water is heated during the passage through the tube with heating element. This type is good when hot water is needed infrequently and not in large quantities, otherwise it consumes too much power.
  • Cumulative – the structure resembles a thermos, that is, the water stays hot for a long time after heating. This leads to a small nigrostriatal boiler.
  • Combined – heating element this unit can operate in low mode or high power. Due to the fact that it works both as a flow and as cumulative, you can use hot water even in cases when the tank unit is empty. Another distinctive feature of boilers of this type – large capacity – up to 200 liters of water.

An example installation of outdoor water heater in the apartment

One of the most popular models are considered to be storage electric water heater 80 liters. They can also vary according to different characteristics: power, form, etc. Most of the units responds to the lowering water temperature and automatically turns on the heating element.

On the form there are two types of boilers: barrel and flat. First longer retain the water hot due to its spherical shape, but are rather cumbersome for modern small apartments. Flat heaters in this plan is much cheaper, as are small in size and easily mounted anywhere in the apartment.

The modern market offers a huge number of water heaters of different shapes and sizes

Flat storage electric water heater 80 liters can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on available space. Most often it is mounted exactly vertically.

Water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat structure

Any water heater is a metal container that is mounted on the wall using special wall mounts or set on the floor. The heater casing is made of steel, which is enamelled a special type. This is to ensure that the case remained cold and on its surface it was impossible to get burned. Also, the use of steel as a material for the housing is a guarantee of durability of the heater.

Electric water heater can be installed anywhere in the apartment at your convenience

Under the steel housing is insulated. As a rule, in a flat, horizontal storage water heater 80 litres and other models used for this purpose polyurethane foam. Under the polyurethane foam layer is a titanium tank which heats water. The water in the tank comes from the main supply system via a special hose that comes with the boiler.

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Heat water in a horizontal or vertical storage water heater 80 liters using the heating element of serpentine form. In some models of water heaters there is not a single heating element and two. Usually this feature is found in the boilers of large volume. Near the heater is a magnetic anode that protects the heater from non-mechanical damage and prevents the occurrence of scale.

The water heater is installed and connected to the water system

Another important element of any heater is the thermostat. It regulates water temperature and prevents overheating, maintains a preset temperature, and performs other functions related to converting cold water into hot.

A useful tip! Choosing a water heater for your home, the most attention should be given to the type of heating element and thermostat. These two items directly affect the quality and durability of the unit.

Modern water heaters easily fit into the most refined design

The principle of operation of the heater

Any vertical or horizontal storage electric water heater 80 liters works in the following scenario:

  • Of domestic water supply system for special pipe and water flows into the Titan tank.
  • Automatically turns on the heating system, temperature rises of the coil, which raised the temperature of the water.
  • When the water reaches the set temperature, the thermostat deactivates the heating element, it allows you to save energy and to avoid overheating of the system.
  • At the outlet tube hot water at your disposal, i.e. a tap, shower, heating system, etc.
  • In various models of water heaters can vary parameters such as the speed of the water in the tank, the time of heating to maximum temperature and some other parameters, but the General principle remains unchanged.

Wiring diagram for EVN to the water

The advantages and disadvantages of water heaters

Some may say that the price storage electric water heater 80 liters is way too high. But it kompensiruet one of its main advantages – the financial savings. This is due to the fact that when you use the boiler you can not pay for hot water. This is especially true for those who have the apartment is on the counter. Consumed only cold water and electricity. The last – in a small amount, so a huge electricity bill you will not get any.

Installing the water heater in a private home — the best option in terms of convenience and efficiency

Various models of boilers are characterized by different features. A flat, horizontal water tank 80 liters has the following advantages:

  • Compact – flat boiler takes up much less space than a round shape. It can be easily mounted on the wall in the kitchen, on the floor or in other places. The flat model is the ideal solution for a small apartment.
  • The temperature of the water. In addition, water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat has the function of a thermos. This means that the hot water cools very slowly, i.e. you will not need to heat the water every time you want to take a shower or wash the dishes.
  • For each boiler the guarantee is issued up to 2 years, so if you encounter any breakage you can contact the service center to fix it.

Example of horizontal installation of the water heater

If to speak about disadvantages of flat water heaters, a lot depends on the model. For example, if the boiler flow type, energy saving can be forgotten, since water is heated while moving. This means that energy for heating is used all the time, while flowing water. Storage water heaters in this plan is much more profitable, so once the heated water can be used for a long time without turning on the heating element.

Some developers deliberately reduce the efficiency of flat water heaters for size reduction. Therefore it is not necessary to purchase the smallest model, most likely, it will be ineffective.

Water heater 80 liters ideal for use as a family of 3-4 people

A useful tip! The use of the boiler only in the cold season not too will affect the budget, but only if you do not use the unit unnecessarily.

What to look for when choosing a boiler

There are some important things to look for when considering various options of water heater:

  • mechanical control electric safer, as the latter can lead to breakage of the whole Assembly due to accidental power surge;
  • the enamel coating is the most effective, as it prevents the occurrence of corrosion in places of welding. Another advantage of enamel is a low conductivity, resulting in a tank with an enamel coating no corrosion of joints;
  • the volume of the boiler it is better to determine in advance, thinking about how much water you intend to use per unit time. Too small tank does not meet the needs of a large family, at the same time tank 80 liters in the apartment for one person will spend the excess electricity;

Often electric heaters installed in the bathrooms

  • a heating element which is not directly in contact with water, will last longer. This is due to the fact that it does not form a scum. Another advantage of dry heating element – the possibility of replacement without having to drain the water from the tank;
  • any boiler will need regular maintenance regardless of the usage. The more you check the machine for problems and replace the defective part, the longer he will last;
  • if you buy a heater with it, you will not give warranty and you risk to become the owner of defective equipment;
  • to install the boiler have experienced. Attempt to mount the water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat or any other on their own can lead to breakage and the guarantee on the equipment when it is removed.

Installation and setup of the water heater must be conducted by a specialist

By the way, the energy consumption of flat or barrel-shaped boiler of the same size do not differ among themselves, so that when guided by available space in the apartment. Water heater storage 80-litre vertical flat – is the best option for modern small apartment.

Popular models and their features

Boiler 80 l is considered as the best option for the family for 2-3 people. Prices, features storage water heaters 80 gallons may vary depending on the manufacturer. Below we look at some of the most popular models:

МодельХарактеристикиAriston ABS VLS PW 80Главная feature of the hot water urn 80 litre Ariston is a very rapid heating of the water to the set temperature. Operating voltage – 230V, power – 1500 or 2500 watts depending on the model. Price storage electric water heater Ariston 80 liters will be 13000-15000 rubles.Electrolux EWH 80 RoyalНакопительный boiler of this model can heat water to a maximum of 75°C, and its maximum capacity is 2 kW. The distinctive features of the model are reliability and durability.Gorenje GBFU 80Агрегат with a capacity of 2000 watts, other than the original design. Characterized by high capacity, causing hot water to the maximum temperature occurs very quickly.Electrolux EWH 80 SLМодель widely known, thanks to minimal heat loss. The walls of the tank are covered with ceramics, which greatly enhances the effect of a thermos. Also characterized by simplicity in management.

In addition to the above, there is still a large number of relatively inexpensive and reliable models 80-litre storage boilers. The choice here depends on personal preferences towards a particular manufacturer and other factors. If you realize that yourself can not choose the right model, it is better to talk to an experienced technician.

Water heaters small volume usually mounted on the wall

A useful tip! If the model 80 liters you are not satisfied, then the volume should be selected based on the following parameters: boiler only for domestic use up to 30 gallons; for a family of two people – 50 litres; and for a family of 3 and more people – 80 liters or more.

Care of the boiler

In order to extend the life of your heater, you should perform regular maintenance inspection and replacement of parts. One of the most common problems is the formation of scale on the heating element. This can be avoided if you install water filters on the intake pipe or just regularly change the heating element.

You should regularly monitor the condition of the boiler and the time to perform preventative maintenance

Also problems with the tank can occur if too much of the seams that are the most problematic places because of the probability of corrosion. This is true for vertical flat storage water heaters of Termeks 80 liters and many other models.

The best care for the boiler is the use of filtered water and timely replacement of spare parts.


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