Why Should You Have “An Appeal to Heaven Flag” In Your Home?

Was there a time when you saw this unique flag before? The truth is most people haven’t! However, one thing interesting is that most homeowners flaunt this flag as a part of their wooden American flag décor without an idea of what this flag actually represents or portrays. However, if you have an interest in American history, or believe in divine providence, then before you invest in a wall décor like this for your home, you should read through this post!

As you go through this piece, you will get a short story about this flag, and why the declaration of independence is actually so important.

The Slogans

Even today, there are some slogans that associate with the American Revolution and they are evocative in a powerful way. Some phrases like “All men are equally created,” “Don’t tread on me” and “Give me Death or Liberty,” are all a part of America’s national heritage and they are renowned easily and understandable by the Americans at present day. On the other hand, some of the slogans of revolution do not have the same resonance as it did back in the 18th century, compared to the present 21st century.

A popular slogan that was a common one in the revolutionary era went by as “An Appeal to Heaven.” Although the “pine tree” flag that features this slogan is a recognizable one widely as a revolution symbol, the meaning of these words isn’t actually an obvious one to modern-day Americans. When you have an American Echoes An Appeal to Heaven Flag in your home, to get a better understanding of what this actually means, you have to go back to the 17th Century and understand the political events that helped to shape individual rights and understand the government.

The History

Back in the year 1775, a time when our country was ready to face some of its greatest battles on the American soil; this was just the early stage of the American Revolution. During that time, Britain, the top military was occupying Boston and this lead to problems in the rising colonies. In this time George Washington tried to intercept the incoming ships from Britain with supplies, however, the most popular vote in places like Philadelphia did not agree with anything to have to do with offending the king, right after the Boston Tea Party. Amidst all this, our general took the decision to commission schooners (privately owned ones) to set up his own navy, which rumored to be at his own expense and was to have the name “Secret Navy” with boats all having the “An Appeal to Heaven” flags hoisted on them. Also going by with the name “Washington’s cruiser flag,” this was a white flag featuring the evergreen pine tree in the center with the “An Appeal to Heaven” word stitched all across it.

In addition to schooners, the flag was renowned to float on batteries, battlefields such as Bunker Hill, river banks, and places that are more important in our nation like Philadelphia.

Furthermore, this Pine Tree actually represents the “Tree of Peace,”​and this is a sacred one for Iroquois Indians, especially over 1000 years in America. At a time in history, one that was more troubling, a peacemaker helped to unite six great tries to establish unity from the Great Lake Areas. The Pine Tree also symbolizes this treaty by blurring their weapons under it. The fact remains that our early founding fathers had Iroquois Indian influences. Furthermore, the wood was more like a foundation, is important.

Having One in Your Home Reveals Your Patriotic Side

Almost every home in the United States flaunts this flag in their home. Nowadays the use of reclaimed wood wall art is a rising trend, especially American Flags painted on this durable and unique wood.  Having one of these, the An Appeal to Heaven flag means you are highlighting your patriotic side and standby with all the efforts of our long gone heroes who had to fight their way to create America to what it is today actually.

Of course, the options to having American flags and paintings in your home or space are unlimited. The good thing is that you can also choose from military flags, state flags, inspirational ones, and so many others to remind visitors who come into your home that the efforts of our soldiers need to remain in our memory.

As you can see having one of these in your home means a lot more than you think. Highlight your home with one of these and let others admire your patriotic side and enhance the interior. Reclaimed wood is unique, and you should also ensure that you maintain it, and care for it on a regular basis!


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