Wiring diagrams water Underfloor heating in a private house

Warm water floors of residential houses and apartments are the main element of heat in the room or complement a traditional radiator circuit. Wiring diagrams water Underfloor heating in a private house develop individual design, repair or replacement of the heating system. The owner of the house chooses the type of heating appliances.

Radiant floors are often used for heating of private houses

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  • 1 circuit diagram water Underfloor heating in a private house
  • 2 Technology installation of warm water floor
  • 3 wiring Diagram of a warm water floor to the heat source
  • 4 wiring diagram water warm floors in the apartment
  • 5 the Cost of installation of water warm floors

Wiring diagrams water Underfloor heating in a private house

Wiring diagrams water Underfloor heating developed in accordance with the estimated heat consumption and losses through the building envelope. Features and calculation rules water Underfloor heating cited earlier in the article, “Calculation of heat-insulated floor”. Getting to self-develop wiring diagrams, you need to remember:

  • the total thermal load of a room depends on the degree of insulation, thickness and material of walls, floors (floors, ceilings), window and door openings. The calculation is carried out with the account of climatic zones area of residence. If the calculated value of the dissipation exceeds 100 W/m2, then use warm water floors as the main heating unprofitable;

3D-scheme of arrangement of water warm floor in a private house

  • the floor system consists of parallel chains. The length of one of the heating circuit depends on the heat load, the usable area of the premises, method and pitch pipe;
  • the construction area of the premises does not coincide with the surface that is a floor heating circuit. Useful area takes into account the free space, which does not include the place of installation of built-in furniture and offset from the inner (0.3 m), and outer (0,1÷0,15 m) walls;
  • the premises useful area exceeding 30 m2, divided into sectors. Each section heats the independent circuit, connected to the distribution manifold. Length, pitch and diameter of the links are connected to the combs of one dispenser must be equal. The exception is for zones of the loop gain along the outer walls;
  • water floor — volatile storage element of the heating system. The long length and complicated configuration of the low temperature circuit requires the installation of a General or several circulation pumps. The set pressure in the heating system of a small house can support a boiler with a built-in supercharger pressure. Installation of circulating pumps and control valves in each circuit required to balance the floor heating a large house (150 m2);

Various options for laying pipes for Underfloor heating

  • the scheme of stacking of a warm water floor (simple, angular, double loop or spiral) depends on the method of heating and room geometry. Additional heating allows simple single loop, with a step of 0.2÷0.3 m. the Main heating with a warm water sex suit double loops or spirals (step 0,1÷0,15 m);
  • step and length of the individual chains determines the diameter of the selected pipe. The greater interior cross section of the pipe, the greater the permitted length of the circuit. The distance between the axes of the supply pipes to the return and must maintain optimal thermal conditions. Normative indicator of temperature changes on adjacent land and 5°C;
  • the height of the pie warm floor take into account in the design of door and window openings, the installation of fasteners for heating appliances. The passage of pipes through a doorway performed in a metal casing. Place strip tubes fixed in a certain position, so as not to damage the liner when installing the door unit.

The process of installation of water warm floor

Technology installation of warm water floor

Mounting technology warm water sexes differ on the principle of the device of the base heating circuit. The basis for a warm water sex is selected based on the bearing capacity of the floor decks and the intended floor covering. View the video wiring diagrams a warm water sex in a private home will help to have a clear idea of the sequence of operations and technology of performance of works.

Experts call warm water floor floating. Damping tape width 12÷18 cm is mounted at the perimeter of the room and each loop, if the room is divided into the independent sector. Edge film at the height of the screed plays the role of an expansion joint. The attenuator ensures preservation of floor coverings and heating circuit with temperature expansion, vibration and movements of building structures. Tape reduces heat loss in the joints of the heating plate to the outer walls.

The scheme of installation of floor heating for the rooms of the first floor of a private house

On concrete slabs to arrange a warm water floor in self-leveling cement screed. The concrete base is lined with waterproofing, put a layer of insulation and reinforcing mesh. Tubes to the cells of the frame fastened with clamps, special clamps or steel wire. On top of the pipe contour for uniform distribution of the operational load of the floor covering, if necessary, also arrange the reinforced screed.

Lightweight Foundation that combines the functions of a heater and a frame — folding, or special mats of extruded polystyrene. In the first case, the pipe on the surface of the substrate fixed with special clamps with a harpoon tip or mounting rail. On specialized mats loop circuit is tightly fixed lugs, additional fasteners are not required. The optimised profile of mats covered with a layer of waterproofing, and be equipped with a system of interlocking protrusions.

The scheme of laying of water warm floor in the “dry” rooms on the second floor

Important! Installation of polystyrene system requires accuracy. Team of the screed under the flooring is performed immediately after pipe laying. The surface of elements made of foamed plastic has good resistance to distributed loads, however it is easy prominaetsya under the heel or a falling tool.

Modular system made of wood or wood composite is placed on the rough floor. Wooden rack and pinion system type form of lag. Rotary and straight grooves grazing systems of wood designed for the installation of heat distribution plates of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Pipes, which are used for calculations of warm water floor (XLPE, PVC, copper, stainless steel flexible corrugated with internal polymer coating, at least polypropylene), produced by seamless technology. Contour spread of an integral pipe. Splice the standard fittings in the body of the screed is only valid for the contours of the corrugated pipe. Surface of the pipe must be resistant to oxygen corrosion, temperature margin and the mechanical strength, have a smooth inner surface.

Wiring diagram of water warm floor in “wet” rooms of the second floor

Bay pipes for floor heating in advance you do not dismiss careless handling can lead to the formation of creases. Installation begins from the feeding combs of the collector. Gradually unwound the Bay, execute layout, and return the whole tube to the distributor. The circuit is connected to paired nozzles of the combs of the collector.

After installation of all floor heating circuits system test the strength and density of connections. After testing and successful trial run pour a cement screed. Finish flooring is mounted after complete drying of the screed.

Wiring diagram of a warm water floor to the heat source

The Autonomous heat generator in a private house heats the water to 95°C. the Optimum temperature difference between supply and return is 20°C. However, the maximum allowable temperature of the coolant in the system of Underfloor heating — 55°C, cooling to 5°C. In practice, the operating range of the coolant circuit of the floor does not exceed 40÷35°C.

The scheme of heating two-storey house with automatic adjustment of temperature in the premises: 1A — tube 16 mm; 1B — pipe 26 mm; 2 — valve; 3 — valve straight-through; 4 — membrane tank 24 l; 5 — circulation pump; 6 — valve; 7 — the security group; 8 — collector; 9 — servo electro-thermal; 10 — electronic thermostat; 11 — control Cabinet; 12 — connector; 13 — self-sealing tube; 14 — valve; 15 — crimp connector; 16 — bellow; 17 — tap ball

The temperature is controlled through forced mixing flows: part of the coolant from the return flows in the supply pipe. Mixing units installed between the boiler and distribution manifold.

There are models of gas units that have a built in circuit floor heating: automatic in the mode of “warm floor” limits the flow temperature on the boiler output up to 45°C. a conventional gas boiler in the mode of floor heating reduces the operating efficiency of the unit.

Solid fuel boilers long burning wood has a complex adjustment of the combustion mode. Floor heating in heating systems with heat generator for solid fuel, in addition to the circulation pump requires the installation of a buffer tank. The coolant in the floor heating system is taken directly from the accumulator.

Connection diagram warm water floors to solid fuel boilers

Electric boilers – the most effective and viable option for the efficient operation of Underfloor heating. Automation of the electrode, induction or aggregates with tubular electric heater is able to maintain the desired coolant temperature without losing heat output. Outdoor heated houses to a small area (up to 100m2) allows direct connection of the circuits to the electric boiler. Warm floors of private houses of a large area satisfied by using a coplanar distribution of the comb and the mixing unit.

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Wiring diagram of water warm floors in the apartment

A primary or a secondary low-temperature Underfloor heating circuit from the Central heating in apartment buildings plan during project development. Make changes in radiator circuit heating apartment building housing prohibited by law. The temperature of the radiator circuit above the required parameters for the Underfloor heating. Unauthorized change of direction, diameter and length of riser communal heating leads to the imbalance of the system and disturbance of the thermal regime in a building.

Specialized organizations produce under floor heating from the Central heating in the apartments during the construction of the building. The Underfloor heating from the Central heating in the apartment is distinguished by the connection method of low-temperature contours. The coolant supplied to pipe water Underfloor heating, radiator from heating the riser. Hot water for Underfloor heating preparing a heat exchanger, which is installed in the Central heat, a heat unit of an apartment building or apartment of the consumer.

Scheme frame, warm floors in the radiator water circuit Central heating: 1 – ball valve on the inset feed line; 2 – ball valve on the frame return line; 3 – the mesh filter; 4 – check valve; 5 – three-way mixing valve; 6 – relief valve; 7 – pump; 8 – air outlet valve reverse manifold; 9 – shut-off valve at the inlet of a feed manifold; 10 – return collector; 11 – the case of a feed header; 12 – ball valves on the return circuit; 13 – ball valves on the supply circuit; 14 – the air vent valve; 15 – drain valve; 16 – radiator

Theoretically, to change the length of the pipe without damage the thermal regime in neighboring apartments can last (in the direction of flow in the riser) consumers. If heat is distributed from above, under floor heating on the ground floor does not affect the heat exchange of the apartments located above. However, pressure flow line at the bottom postoyannoi wiring may be insufficient for circulation in outdoor contour of the upper floor.

In the absence of original design data for the device floor heating in an apartment house, connection of additional circuit will check with the supplier of heat and the management company. Resource providers give permission for the device warm floors semi-Autonomous, with a sufficient stock of capacity of the existing heating system.

Combined heating using radiators and water Underfloor heating

Housing maintenance company impose a mandatory condition to the rated load of the reason of Underfloor heating, which must not exceed the permissible floor load in this particular case.

Traditionally, the agreement provides for the installation of the heat exchanger in the radiator or riser hot water in the apartment. This requires the installation of a circulating pump, expansion tank, group security valve to remove the air, double tap, control valves and heat meter.

Semi-Autonomous connection diagram warm water floors in the apartment: 1 – ball valve on the frame in the feed riser; 2 – ball valve on the bypass back riser; 3 – the mesh filter; 4 – check valve; 5 – way faucet (sensor and actuator); 6 – relief valve; 7 – pump; 8 – air outlet valve reverse manifold; 9 – shut-off valve at the inlet of a feed manifold; 10 – return collector; 11 – the case of a feed header; 12 – ball valves on the return circuit; 13 – ball valves on the supply circuit; 14 – air vent valve; 15 – drain valve; 16 – exchanger; 17 – security group; 18 – thermometer; 19 – adjusting valves; 20 – bypass between supply and return manifold; 21 – expansion tank of the diaphragm type

For several outdoor circuits use a ready-made collector Assembly that is compatible with any scheme of laying the floor. At every entrance and exit comb collector should be installed shut-off valve or the thermostat. Valves makes it possible to disable an individual loop, without compromising the overall operation of floor heating.

Special attention is paid to the choice of the base of warm floors in old houses. The transverse dimension of the screed depends on the degree of insulation of the floor slab. The thickness of the “pie” warm floors on a cold basement is 0.15 m, which significantly cuts down on the overall height of the room and increases the weight of the structure.

The device of water warm floor with their hands

A useful tip! A reasonable solution would be opting for a lightweight Foundation for water Underfloor heating with the use of heat transfer plates of stainless steel or aluminum.

The cost of installation of water warm floors

The total cost for the installation of warm water floor includes the money spent on the purchase of material, calculations, preparatory works, laying, connection and testing of hydraulic circuits on the strength and density of connections.

Hired professionals will cost 1500÷2500 rubles per 1 m2 of floor heating. The total amount depends on the number of contours, type of substrate, cost of pipes, collector groups and pumping-mixing unit. To reduce the cost allows installation of warm water floors with their own hands.

Accessories for installation of the heating system “warm floor”: 1 — cross-linked polyethylene pipe, 2 — heat insulating mats, 3 — bracket fastening pipes, 4 — damping tape, 5 — collector, 6 — collector Cabinet, 7 in — wall controller, 8 — plasticizer

Important! The quality of the material, equipment, and valves must conform to the purpose of the system and the timing of the proposed service. Profitable to buy ready-made kits of warm floors, which are equipped with high-quality and compatible work equipment and materials. Free calculation of warm water floors with batch purchase and an additional bonus from major manufacturers.

Posted online a video of the installation of water warm floor with their hands, with explanations of the authors, will help to better understand the issue. Detailed descriptions of methods of construction and choice of material for warm floors will help in that case, if there is an urgent need in the floor heating, but there is no way for the recruitment of specialists.


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